Denver 2013

December Color Run 2013

Shifra Brandt

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  • Ted & Jayne Brandt $54.00
  • yehudis Fishman $18.00

    Hatzlacha Rabba, Yehudis

  • Ellen Somers $25.00

    Shifra: So proud of you for doing your first 5K! Hopefully the start of many more fun runs. Look forward to trying to keep up with you on a run some day. Love, Ellen

  • Laura Abramson $18.00

    Go Sherpa!!!

  • Gene Badesheim $36.00

    Yay Shiffie. Thank you for the opportunity. You are getting so grown up. Love, Grandpa Gene

  • Daphna Kapnik $25.00

    Goooooo Shif! So proud! xoxoxo

  • Dovid, Naomi, Ayelet and Daniella Lev $18.00

    Yay, Shifra! I dont know which of our family members is most proud of you and excited for you. You can decide! :)

  • Yael Brandt $18.00

    Yay Shiffie!!! Looks like your gonna have an athletic summer :-) love you!!!

  • David Brandt $25.00

    Wow! Good for you. Sounds like a great cause. We are happy to donate. Love, Grandma Meryl & Grampa Dave.

  • Juli Kramer $18.00

    I'm so happy that you're running the race!